Welcome To Our TRIBE™

Where all your favourite workouts and programmes are rolled into one.

TRIBE™ is where it all begins and is our signature concept, from which all our other concepts derive.

"Shape up with Shapes"

Tribal Leaders structure the classes using a continuous playlist of mood-evoking, worldly rhythms and movements that you will already be familiar with.

Using the visualisation of shapes, foot patterns and other internationally recognised symbols, Tribal Leaders sync their class using both verbal and non-verbal cueing and teaching in blocks.

TRIBE™ is not a class based on dancing the same piece of choreography to the verses and chorus of a song. The fundamental aim is to create a looping Tribal routine that will evoke unity and connection with all those that take part with you.

Inspired by some of the group exercise class favourites, TRIBE™ is set to get your heart racing whilst the moves will provide peaks and troughs of intensity.

About TRIBE™